Priority Queue Consulting


How we can help

1.) We devise your software architecture

We start by listening and learning about your vision, plans and ideas. We ask clarifying questions, and then offer our point of view.

If you choose to go forward, we create the foundations (be that documentation or initial code) on which your project can be staffed up and started.

This output usually takes the form of one or more of the following, depending on what's most suited for the project:

  • Mock-ups and screen flow diagrams
  • Architecture diagrams
  • An agile backlog of tasks
  • Collection of use cases
  • Proof-of-concepts for uncertain elements
  • Software Test or Development Plan (STP/SDP)
  • Selection of technologies and frameworks
  • System skeleton or minimum viable product (MVP)

We pride ourselves in taking not only technical, but also your financial, strategic and other requirements into consideration when formulating the architecture and plans.

2.) We make working software happen

After the initial architecture is complete and the development can start, our best experts will personally take care of the most intricate, most sensitive parts of your project. For the more mundane parts of the work, we can help assemble a team of capable people.

This enables cost savings while not sacrificing quality or performance, and also allows bringing in independent specialists of other required fields (designers, user experience experts, etc).

Our veteran project managers will do the following for you:

  • Find and interview potential team members
  • Assemble a team with the required skills
  • Set up the project team structure
  • Separate the project phase into work items
  • Assign work items to the best team member
  • Monitor project progress
  • Send regular reports to all stakeholders
  • Keep tabs on costs and deadlines.

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