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Software is a mind game

Experience never goes out of fashion

Priority Queue Consulting Limited is a boutique DevOps consulting company specializing in planning, managing, and developing bespoke web applications and high-performance backend systems.

We're specialists in Go, PHP and JavaScript: all great foundations for building scalable, highly available systems – although in very different ways.

We have expertise in many distributed database systems, amongst them MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis and RIAK.

You can have us building monitoring systems for server farms, using either open-source components like Nagios, Grafana and Zabbix, or by developing custom solutions.

With years of experience in managing software development teams, we can help you start, take over, or finish a software project.

What we've been through to make it this far

Our consultants have massive experience in the industrial, military, government, healthcare and service sectors; they are working with various organizations from Fortune 500 companies to angel-funded startups in Europe and the USA.

Here's to the next decade

We currently consider the following trends the greatest business-side challenges in the software sector:

  1. Massive parallelism (i.e. the "concurrency crunch")
  2. The difficulty of managing software development
  3. The ubiquity of mobile devices
  4. Internet-scale software architectures
  5. Security threats to infrastructure

We'll do our best to help you.

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